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Exploring Shame Resilience through SoulCollage®

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Led by 

Crystal Amundson, LCPC, CDWF
Emily Hankins, MA

Over the course of 3 days, this workshop combines the power of SoulCollage® and Dr. Brené Brown's research to take participants on a creative journey toward meaningful connection.  Weaving research on shame resilience through the creative process and intuitive practice of SoulCollage®, workshop facilitators will empower participants to explore how courage leads to connection with self and others.  Up to 24 participants will have the opportunity to combine their lived experience, creativity, and story stewardship into SoulCollage® cards.  Cards will be used to integrate key learnings into life beyond the workshop. Up to 12 continuing education hours available for a variety of helping professions upon request.*


August 16-18, 2024

Friday - 5:00-8:00

Saturday -  9:00- 5:00

Sunday -  9:00-12:00

$195 Registration Fee

*CE participation subject to specific curriculum and additional fees. 

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Learning Objectives for CE Participants

  1. Compare and contrast shame, vulnerability, and courage.

  2. Explore commonly held values amongst helping professionals and articulate how they relate to sustaining boundaries. 

  3. Analyze your current professional practice through the lens of your identified values.

  4. Describe the four steps of shame resilience and how they contribute to preventing burnout. 

  5. Articulate the components of trust in both self and others. 

  6. Identify key learnings and articulate how to integrate key learnings into your professional practice.

Completion of the training and these learning objectives does not qualify toward becoming a Certified Daring Way Facilitator. 

August doesn't work? Save the dates for October 25-27, 2024!

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